Waste of Time

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Instructions and other stuff

This game uses a few riddle type tricks to hide answers. There are no source code clues or software trickery......all the answers are hidden in the text. Just observe each level and look for a pattern to find the answer..........simple!

There are 8 levels to defeat, I like to make short games so you won't get bored but I hope each level makes you think a little and you have fun!

Thanks to Mtatt for testing the game and making it better for the players, thanks to my friends at EG24 for their eternal support and of course Feline for putting up with me and huge thanks go to the people who make EG24 the best games website of all:

Escaper, Megipoland and Shuchun.

Don't use capital letters in your answers and have a Merry Christmas or happy holidays, now............wait for it.......

Good luck and have fun!